Rockcale Wiggins

Network Administrator

Connect With Rockcale:

If there’s something special about Rock, it’s the fact that he’s endlessly curious and hates being defeated by a puzzle. He’s a huge fan of documentation and procedure, which he finds thrilling when working to accomplish a specific goal.

As a network engineer, Rock’s day-to-day consists of assisting clients with various computer and networking issues. He enjoys meeting new people and helping them solve problems that are stressful or frustrating. Rock also likes having the opportunity to travel and see the various ways people have deployed IT to suit their unique needs. 

In his spare time, Rock likes to build things. He makes his own tools for various electronics projects and chemistry experiments. He also likes making music and modifying/designing musical instruments and sound equipment.

Just For Fun

  • Rock is interested in fashion and enjoys dressing up simply because it makes him feel good.

  • Rock built an acoustic electric piano from a derelict Charles Stieff square grand piano. He’s also built at least two laser scanning microscopes (and one of them sort of worked).

  • Rock designed a series of clocks based on homegrown piezoelectric crystals.

  • He thinks the universe is probably holographic.