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Discover what's lurking on your home computer with this advanced security sweep

Hackers can get to your personal information from your home computer, voice-enabled device, or mobile phone. Schedule your FREE advanced Secure@Home sweep to pinpoint those vulnerabilities before disaster strikes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I get from the Secure@Home sweep?

With the push of a button, our Secure@Home scanner sweeps through your computer, voice-enabled devices, and mobile phones to find any vulnerabilities that could expose your confidential information to hackers. You'll get a detailed report that includes:

  • An overall cyber security score that assesses how protected -- or vulnerable -- your computer and connected devices are
  • A security assessment of each individual device
  • A list of high, moderate and low-risk factors affecting your cyber security score
  • Recommendations to reduce your cyber vulnerabilities

How much does this cost?

That's the best part: using the Secure@Home sweep is FREE. All we do is plug in to your home computer and the scanner identifies potential threats lurking on your devices.

Some of our recommendations we make from the scan are free, but some, like our Secure@Home service, might involve a cost if you choose to purchase them.

How is this different from antivirus or PC cleaning software?

While we recommend using antivirus and PC cleaning software for basic security maintenance, they don't scan your connected devices that are a target for cyber threats.

Our Secure@Home scan not only sweeps your computer and connected devices, you'll also get personalized recommendations from our cyber security experts to keep your home safe from hackers.

How are you keeping my information safe?

Preserving you and your family's confidential information is our top priority.

This isn't a new software solution, it's a quick scan of your existing devices to make sure there's nothing lingering on your computer. Once we're done, your computer and connected devices will return to the state they were in before our Secure@Home sweep. 

This advanced analysis is essential for finding where a cyber threat will break in to your home computer and connected devices, if it hasn't been compromised already. The security of your devices will not be compromised by the scan and your information will never be shared.

Who will I be working with?

Bill Walter, MCP, MCSE, PMP, is a principal with Gross Mendelsohn's Technology Solutions Group. Helping clients understand cyber threats, and helping them put cyber security measures in place, is one of Bill's passions. Read Bill's complete bio to learn more.