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Pinpoint The Vulnerabilities In Your Network
Before Disaster Strikes

Using the Network Detective tool, our engineers will scour your entire organization's computer system to identify the weak areas where hackers can get in. Schedule your FREE Network Detective session today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I get from the Network Detective?

With the push of a button, the Network Detective searches through your organization's computer system to find any vulnerabilities that could expose your confidential information to hackers. You'll get a detailed report that includes:

  • An overall security score that assesses how protected -- or vulnerable -- your systems are
  • A security assessment of each device connected to your network infrastructure
  • A list of high, moderate and low risk factors in your network
  • A complete diagram of your entire network infrastructure
  • Recommendations to reduce your network vulnerabilities

How much does this cost?

That's the best part: using the Network Detective tool is FREE. We're looking to make your organization a more secure place to work. 

Some of our recommendations after the Network Detective are free, but some, like our cyber security and networking services, might involve a cost.

How is this different from antivirus or PC cleaning software?

While we recommend using antivirus and PC cleaning software for basic security maintenance, they don't scan the network for inventory management, health checks and comparison to best practices like the Network Detective tool does. In fact, the Network Detective tool is a breed of its own. This advanced analysis is essential for finding the real vulnerabilities in your network before hackers get in.

Who will I be working with?

Bill Walter, MCP, MCSE, PMP, is a principal with Gross Mendelsohn's Technology Solutions Group. Showing clients how to use technology to make their organizations stronger is one of Bill's passions. Read Bill's complete bio to learn more.

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