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A project-based ERP system integrated with real-time reporting and customer collaboration makes this retailer merchandiser’s life a whole lot easier.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

The biggest impact Gross Mendelsohn has had on Match Marketing Group has come from outstanding programming. Tony and Mike Marinaro are just brilliant. The technology consultants at the firm have really added the ability for us to manage our business better. We are stronger as a company and able to make better decisions than ever before because of the information we now have available to us.

Patti Morehouse, EVP Projects / Partner
Match Marketing Group

Match Marketing

About Match Marketing Group



Match Marketing Group is a national retail merchandising company. The company also has a fully automated secure warehousing fulfillment and logistics center, which offers their customers distribution, transportation and delivery services.




The Challenge

Match Marketing Group’s leadership team wanted to manage their business more effectively by improving the way their leaders analyzed projects. Specifically, they wanted to make better decisions based on real-time information.

How We Helped

Sharon Paul of our Technology Solutions Group provided high-level guidance by helping Match Marketing Group’s leadership team form a strategy for better project management and analysis within the company.

Michael Marinaro developed a SQL Reporting Services business intelligence site with graphs, a dashboard and reports, accessible from an internet browser, to show profitability on projects for key executives, team leaders and designated Match Marketing Group employees.

Tony Marinaro built a Microsoft SharePoint Online site, which opened up communication between Match Marketing Group and its customers. The SharePoint site allows issue tracking in retailers’ stores when there is a problem with a reset or merchandiser.

The Results

Match Marketing Group’s management team now uses custom dashboards to proactively monitor projects and company performance. They are able to make better decisions based on real-time data.

Their Microsoft SharePoint site offers Match Marketing Group and their customers a mutually-accessible, centralized place to track and respond to issues. This has improved communication between Match Marketing Group and their customers.

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