We help businesses achieve more with technology.

Hearing a client say “Wow, I never knew I could do that!” is music to our ears.

Who We Are

We’re tech-savvy pros with a passion for helping businesses and nonprofits work smarter through technology.

Led by CPAs with accounting, financial and technology expertise, our talented team of ERP system experts, networking specialists and developers share the same goal: to help organizations use technology to improve their operations.

Organizations That Trust Gross Mendelsohn's Technology Solutions Group

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Our Story

Our Technology Solutions Group was established in 1993 when the CPAs at our parent company, Gross Mendelsohn, encouraged clients to embrace emerging technologies to manage their business.

Today, our Technology Solutions Group is led by CPAs who have an extreme passion for technology.

Sure, we know technology. But we’re also seasoned financial professionals who understand how every decision you make impacts your bottom line.

Our Team Out And About

Solving technology problems for our clients is our focus, but we also enjoy volunteering for local nonprofits and kicking back (or throwing axes) with coworkers.

What Clients Say About Our Team

“Chris Haiss, Michael Marinaro, Bill Walter and Jeremy Weisinger – along with others we work with – are always willing to roll up their sleeves and dive into problems. Their willingness to get really involved in our business, which is not a trait of every consultant out there, is what keeps us a happy customer.”

Phillip Kennedy, IT Manager, North America

We’re Hiring!

We get up in the morning ready to grind and we like to keep it simple. We’re coffee, not cappuccino. Maryann, not Ginger.

Clients know us as pragmatic, helpful, reliable and honest. We work with intensity, but we’re also spirited, lighthearted and inject a healthy dose of humor into our daily work.

Sound like a good fit for you?