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Networking Solutions

Whether it's preventative maintenance or disaster recovery, our networking rock stars have you covered.

Managed Services

A Netflix subscription, but with unlimited streaming of IT services instead.

Signing on for managed services gives you an IT expert at the ready. Your IT expert knows you and what your organization needs so they can perform regular maintenance, make recommendations for improvement and help in case of disaster.

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Cyber Security

Don't be the next victim of a malware attack.

Spam, phishing and viruses are constant concerns in the IT world. We're ready to fight your battle against malware so your organization's important data is safe.

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Data Backup and Business Continuity

No one expects a disaster to happen. That's why we help you plan for it.

When disaster strikes and you're unprepared, you're sunk. Every organization must have a plan to deal with the threat of data loss, taking both on-site and off-site data backup and recovery into consideration.

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Virtual CIO

World domination starts with a good plan.

We know your organization is set to take over the world, but it takes a good plan to do that. Our networking Jedi will help you create a full-fledged IT strategy that aligns with your overall business strategic plan.

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Planning and Purchasing

Spend your IT budget strategically so you can splurge elsewhere.

Investing in the right infrastructure can be expensive. That's why our experts help you plan which infrastructure components are necessary and which aren't so you can splurge on other things, like Taco Tuesdays at the office.

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Remote and Onsite Support

AKA your IT fairy godmother.

Our locally-staffed help desk will solve your Microsoft Dynamics GP, Sage 300 (Accpac), Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Sage CRM, and computer network problems in a flash. No downtime necessary.

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Design and Deploy Solutions

If you've had bad experiences with network installation or implementation, that's because you haven't worked with our team.

Don't you hate when you purchase something at IKEA and then need to spend a surprising six hours to assemble it? We're not leaving you hanging. We're planning and setting up your networking applications and equipment so you don't have to spend six hours with an achy back and a newfound hatred of all Swedish mean computer stuff.

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Proactive Monitoring

The helicopter parent you always wanted for your networking system.

Virtual IT Monitor, our remote network monitoring service, keeps a watchful eye on your computer system 24 x 7 x 365 to ensure the health, availability and performance of your IT infrastructure.

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