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Microsoft Cloud Productivity and Team Collaboration

Isn't it time you set higher standards for your office productivity? With these products, you finally can.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Hosting

Warning: only read if you're ready to start making faster, smarter business decisions

Using Microsoft Azure cloud hosting means you'll have fast, secure access to your information from anywhere -- meaning you can start making smarter business decisions almost as fast as The Flash does.

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Microsoft Exchange Online

Email security you can count on.

Microsoft Exchange Online allows you to securely access email, calendar, and contacts from virtually any device. That means you can not only schedule your next company picnic, but you can also securely email ridiculous excited cat gifs to your coworkers leading up to the event.

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Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft software that doesn't skip the gym.

Microsoft Office 365 gives you anywhere access to the Office suite, email, web conferencing, and more. It's seriously powerful and has the capability to lift up your organization's productivity by a ton.

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Microsoft SharePoint

Project management without micromanagement.

SharePoint allows users to collaborate on projects, securely upload documents and change user permissions. It facilitates easy project management so bosses can say goodbye to hovering and constant check ins.

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Hybrid Deployment

Because networking solutions come in shades of gray.

We know your organization is like no other, and sometimes that makes it difficult to find a one-size-fits-all hosting solution. Hybrid deployment combines cloud-hosting and on-premise solutions in one, neat package so that you can continue on with your totally unique business.

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Skype for Business

Because some questions should be answered in seconds.

This instant messaging service isn't just for pinging your friends in the middle of the meeting about Jerome's crazy shark-patterned shirt he wore today. Instant communication helps you get business projects done way faster.

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