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Business Intelligence and Custom Reporting

Tired of reports that yield inaccurate results? End the BS and learn more about BI (business intelligence) here.


Passing the six-second test since before the six-second test existed.

Customized dashboards offer an easy way to see all your organization's important information, including profitability, revenue, expenses, and more, at a quick glance. Almost as quick as that glance you gave to the resume of burger-flipping Bob who applied for the senior executive position.

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Sage Intelligence

It's easy, it's accurate and it's amazing.

Sage Intelligence gives you information about your business in easy-to-understand reports, dashboards, and key performance indicators (KPIs). It's smart enough to give you robust reports, but simple enough that you can teach your intern how to use it.

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Microsoft PowerPivot and Power BI

The second reason why you're about to be Employee of the Year.

Your team is going to be so impressed by all the cool features, it will be the second reason why you'll be named Employee of the Year. The first reason? Your good looks, obviously.

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Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

The system behind the curtain that processes your reports and supercharges your software

Microsoft SQL reporting offers powerful analysis functionality, including custom reports, dashboards, and other business intelligence tools. Use this tool to fuel your reporting software, Wizard of Oz style.

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Crystal Reports

Crystal-clear insights into your organization's performance.

Eliminate excessive paper trails and take your Excel reporting to the next level with Crystal Reports. With its reporting capabilities you will be able to capture crystal-clear insights you need to make important decisions about your growing business.

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