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I like how the people at Gross Mendelsohn, like Chris Haiss, take a personal interest in our business. They want us to succeed. They get involved in our business. This, combined with their strong understanding of the construction industry, enables them to make relevant and practical recommendations. For example, they helped us automate our job costing system through Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate (formerly Timberline). As a result, we have a much better handle on how much we make on our jobs. We use this kind of information to make good decisions for our business.

Kathy Christopolis, Co-owner
Columbia Roofing

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Technology Solutions for Construction Contractors

Manage Job Profitability (WIP), Scheduling and Documentation in One Place

The right combination of accounting and project management detail will give you meaningful insight into your company’s profitability. A real-time job cost system with strong day-to-day operational support features such as tracking estimates, change order log, submittal log, punch lists and much more will do just that. A job dashboard, for example, gives a complete overview of each job at one quick glance. It shows profitability, whether you are over/under billed, and estimated vs. actual cost to allow project managers to determine and enter projected costs. Our accounting and project management system gurus will help guide you toward the right system for your construction business.

Use Mobile Technology to Keep Workers Connected

Mobile technology helps keep workers in the field connected to your office. With secure access to a dashboard, project managers get real-time information about the status of their jobs, giving them an opportunity to catch potential issues before they blow the budget. Remote time and purchase order entry via tablet or mobile phone ensures that your accounting and project management system shows up-to-the-minute costs and committed costs. And – bonus – it eliminates the paper shuffle and duplicate data entry. Sound good? We thought so.

Keep Your Business Humming with an IT Infrastructure Built to Last

The new SUV loaded with all the latest bells and whistles is sitting in your driveway just begging you to take it for a spin. Turns out, the SUV failed to start because it didn’t have an engine to make it run. Just like that SUV, your company’s technology tools, bells and whistles are only as good as your IT infrastructure. Our IT specialists will help you setup and maintain a secure network, minimize threats like hacks and viruses and data loss, and connect your field workers to the office. With the right IT infrastructure in place, all systems are a go.

2019 Maryland Construction Executive Summary

2019 Maryland Construction Industry Survey Results

We’ve compiled the recommendations and insights from our 2019 Maryland Construction Industry Survey into one executive summary guaranteed to offer you a birds-eye view of current industry conditions.

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