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Streamline order to cash processes with the right ERP system.

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All of our customers’ orders go through both our website and accounting system, making it easier for us to handle orders, invoices and inventory.

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Maryland China Company

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Technology Solutions for Manufacturers, Wholesalers and Distributors

Manage Inventory Accurately and Easily

The struggle is real. Walking the tight rope of inventory management is a true balancing act. You need adequate stock to meet customer demands without having too much of your liquid assets tied up in inventory. When you have the right ERP system in place, the inventory balancing act is over. Your ERP system can help you manage your organization’s inventory forecast, procurement and/or production as well as give you a real-time accurate picture of outstanding customer orders, picks in process, and stock levels and locations.

Improve Operational Efficiency and Streamline Workflows

The right ERP system will help streamline and simplify all aspects of your organization’s order-to-cash processes. We’ll help you configure your ERP system to convert materials and labor into goods and services at the highest level of efficiency possible. What’s more, your ERP system should eliminate manual procedures and improve the flow of information between your sales, customer service, purchasing, warehouse, shipping and accounting departments.

Boost Cyber Security to Avoid a Hack

Falling victim to a cyber security attack or failing to meet cyber security compliance requirements (like PCI) could lead to stolen intellectual property, an interrupted supply chain or a ransom demand for customer data. Put cyber security best practices in place to avoid a breach.

Use Business Intelligence to Make Better Decisions

The beauty of a properly configured ERP system is that it integrates manufacturing and distribution processes with sales, procurement, inventory, accounting and reporting. Having full insight into your business processes through a business intelligence dashboard helps improve planning, strengthen customer and supplier relationships, and arm your management team with real-time information for smart decision-making.

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