Kat Rotella

Senior Marketing Coordinator

Connect With Kat:

Kat is the kind of girl who loves to be creative and can’t pass up a pun. Hence why she’s our senior marketing coordinator.

As a marketer, Kat is focused on how information comes across. She takes complex topics regarding ERP systems, networking and cyber security and simplifies them into layman’s terms so they’re easy to understand—even leaving room for added humor here and there!

Kat ensures organizations receive valuable information about the technology that keeps them running, without being left asking “OK… what does that mean?” after reading one of our blog posts or emails.

From webinars and in-person events to our website and social media, Kat keeps everything running smoothly and develops new ways for our solutions and services to be as eye-catching as ever.

When she’s not working, you'll find Kat playing tennis, hopping on a mic to record a podcast or napping with her dog. Her spirit animal is a lion because her zodiac sign is Leo, and she has a mane of hair with a mind of its own.


Bachelor of arts degree in communication studies, Christopher Newport University (2019)

Just For Fun

  • Kat learned how to moonwalk at age 11. It’s been her go-to party trick ever since. 
  • She is a health food fanatic and loves nut butter. Almond butter and cashew butter are her favorites!
  • During her senior year of college, Kat tutored other students in Italian. 
  • The best way for Kat to unwind is to go four-wheeling in the woods accompanied by her dog, Carmela.