Cyber Security for Manufacturers, Wholesalers and Distributors

With the right tools, your business can keep cyberattacks at bay.

Manufacturers and Distributors: The High Stakes of Ignoring Cyber Security in Your Business

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How Are You Protecting Your Business?

Manufacturing, wholesale and distribution businesses must not only consider innovation, but also risk management.

Falling victim to a cyberattack or failing to meet cyber security compliance requirements could lead to stolen intellectual property, an interrupted supply chain and a ransom demand for customer data.

What's At Risk?


Intellectual Property

Innovation is on the rise.

You must secure your ideas and not let a bad actor reap the benefits of your inventions.

Supply Chain

Supply Chain

With more hybrid workers, accounting in the cloud, IoT and AI, you must secure your end-to-end supply chain.

Connectivity, visibility and traceability are key. Data between suppliers and customers must be secure.


Sensitive Data

Customer and credit card data are among the biggest targets of cyber attacks.

Are you PCI compliant? Are you knowledgeable of federal, state and international requirements? Secure your data before it's too late.




How to Boost Your Cyber Security

Assess Your Risk

Find out how vulnerable your business is with a cyber security risk assessment. We'll detect the gaps in your cyber security plan and offer solutions to fix them.

Get Compliant

First learn which federal, state and international compliance requirements you must adhere to. Then put a plan in place to meet compliance requirements like PCI.

Get Cyber Smart

Educate your employees on cyber security best practices. Tap into our free cyber security resources to stay current with today's cyber security threats.

Find Software That Works

Often cumbersome to setup on your own, we’ll help you find the right monitoring software for your business without interruption, ensuring your supply chain and sensitive data are safe from cyber threats.

Investigate Insurance

Consider investing in cyber security insurance to mitigate the cost of a cyber attack. Read more about cyber insurance here.

Meet Some Of Our Clients

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Pinpoint where a cyber threat will enter before it puts your organization at risk.

What Clients Say About Our Team

“I didn’t realize my business had network vulnerabilities until a major security breach. Bill Walter was at my office 30 minutes after I told him about the breach, found the problem and eliminated our vulnerabilities. Thanks to Bill and proactive network monitoring, my technology system is now secure. The thing I like best about working with Bill is his responsiveness, knowledge and the fact that he helps me clearly understand what he’s doing to improve my company’s use of technology.”

Ken Kacmarski, Owner
Eagle Oil Company

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