You rely on your car's dashboard to make smart driving decisions. Shouldn't you use your software's dashboard to make smart business decisions?

Why We Love Dashboards

Creating your custom dashboard is like creating your social media page. You add your personalized information and choose to see and share information you care about, while weeding out the stuff that doesn't matter. Your business dashboard gives you a visual picture of the information you care about, quickly and easily.

Customized Views for You

Every user within an organization has unique data that needs to be presented in their personal dashboard view. Select a reporting tool that allows you to quickly create your unique dashboard by role or user.
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Intuitive and Visual

Valuable insights with no headache. Dashboards take data from any external source in your organization and put it into a meaningful consolidated dashboard tailed to you. Ever hear the expression "a picture is worth a thousand words?" Let's chat and we'll show you how true it is.

BI Insights In a Flash

If you're used to ordering fast food, you know exactly where to look on a drive-thru menu. Likewise, your dashboard should make it easy to get the insight you need at a glance.

Clients Using Dashboards

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Don't Just Take Our Word For It

My team is much better able to support the rest of the business by analyzing data and providing meaningful reports to managers throughout the organization.

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Dashboards are the first step toward making smarter business decisions

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Dashboards Features

If you don't have access to insights at a glance, you're missing out.

Customized Views for You
Samantha has a few key business performance metrics to monitor for her job in marketing. David in accounting has completely different metrics to watch. With customized views on your dashboard, you'll be able to view YOUR essential insights in one quick glance without being distracted by things that don't concern you.
BI Insights In a Flash
Your dashboard is your home base. You'll have constant access to it, and will likely check it as often as your fantasy football league. With speedy insights in an easy-to-interpret visual layout, you'll never make an uninformed business decision again. We can't guarantee the same result for the fantasy football league, though.
Intuitive and Visual
Dashboards are extremely intuitive to navigate and easy to understand due to their visual nature. Dashboards often allow for further analysis and drill down to details from summary information. Bonus — they allow you to pivot the data to analyze different scenarios on your own, without asking for help from IT.