Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

Empowering you to create, publish and manage insightful reports for your business.

Why We Love Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services

Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) allows you to extract unbelievable insights from the slew of data in your ERP and CRM systems, or any other database your business is using. With SSRS, you can create the custom reports, inquiries and business intelligence dashboards you've always dreamed of.

Super Secure

It's not just secure, it's super duper secure with Microsoft's strict security standards.

Easy Export In Multiple File Formats

SSRS users can export reports in the file format they are most familiar with. As a bonus, the reports are editable once in a Microsoft Office format.

Perfect for Decision-Making Support

Improve your decision-making by getting better, data-driving insights into what's really happening within your organization.

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Don't Just Take Our Word For It

“Through their advice and implementation of Dynamics GP, Gross Mendelsohn really helped modernize our company’s finance function. I can’t imagine the implementation of our new system going any more smoothly than it did. My team is much better able to support the rest of the business by analyzing data and providing meaningful reports to managers throughout the organization.”

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Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services Features

Take control of your data. Create consolidated reports from all the data in your organization.

Easy Export In Multiple File Formats
Different reports call for different file types. SSRS allows you to export and share reports in a variety of file formats, including HTML, CSV, XML and PDF. Just like you wouldn't wear a tux to a beach party, you wouldn't send a CSV file to the boss who likes the convenience of a PDF.
Perfect for Decision-Making Support
When you store tons of good information in your ERP and other systems, sometimes even the most savvy business people don't quite know what to do with it. SSRS will do the heavy lifting for you by producing easy-to-understand reports that reflect data from different views within your organization, allowing you to better understand what's going on in the business and make data-driven decisions.
Super Duper Secure
Microsoft is meticulous about their security standards, as they should be. Security in SSRS is role-based to protect your reporting resources. It's not just secure, it's super duper secure.