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Workflow Management Automates Your Business for Maximum Efficiency and Flexibility


SuiteFlow provides developers and customers with easy-to-use point-and-click tools to automate business processes. Business processes such as lead nurturing, collections management, sales discounting approvals, AP/purchase order approvals, travel authorizations, and more can be created easily with SuiteFlow.


Key Benefits

  • Assemble rules-based workflows and make ad hoc workflow changes in response to changing business needs.
  • Enable alerts which continually monitor steps and notify users within business processes. 
  • Eliminate manual steps and communication. 

Key Features

  • Workflow Manager provides a complete graphic point-and-click solution that allows you to build and maintain workflows.
  • Easily create, view, edit and manage workflow states, actions, rules and branching conditions.
  • Easily specify the triggering events that initiate a workflow, such as when records are viewed, created, or updated — or schedule workflows to run automatically.
  • Manage the states the record will pass through in the course of the workflow and define conditional actions to occur when the record enters each state — such as when a marketing lead nurturing email changes from having been sent to subsequently opened.



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