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Integrations and Development

Here's the part where your unique business needs are finally met.

Dynamics GP Integration Manager, eConnect and Web Services

The tool you need to build your custom, dream-come-true ERP system.

Picasso needed a paintbrush to paint, Hemingway needed a pen to write, Madonna needed a microphone to sing, and you need Dynamics GP Integration Manager, eConnect and Web Services to build your dream-come-true ERP system.

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The component you need to marry your custom add-on with your CRM or ERP system.

This data integration software captures information from your custom add-on solution and transcribes it to your CRM or ERP system, syncing them together in harmonious matrimony.

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Custom Integrations

The sweet toppings you need to make your ERP system, well, yours.

Custom development and integration is what makes your ERP system so effective for your unique business. Without it, it's like getting plain frozen yogurt, without the peanut butter cups, sprinkles or whatever fun topping you use to make your yogurt totally yours.

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Custom Applications

We bet there's a custom application you could be using right now.

“I wish my ERP system could do that.” Well, most likely it can with one of the many available add-ons on the market. The right third-party add-on solution can be used to support a specific task in your organization. Whether you want to fine-tune your sales and use tax calculations, bring your check printing in-house, or streamline your pesky payroll process, there’s a custom application for that.

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