Dynamics GP Integration Manager, eConnect and Web Services

The ultimate toolbox for creating an integrated ERP system experience.

Why We Utilize Dynamics GP Integration Manager, eConnect and Web Services

What happens when you get two people in the same room who don't speak the same language? You get a translator. Consider Dynamics GP Integration Manager, eConnect and Web Services the translator you need between your ERP system and website or any external operational system you've purchased or developed.



Eliminate Data Entry Redundancy

Having to key the same data into multiple systems gets old fast. We'll help you find the tools to eliminate that pesky, redundant data entry once and for all.

Reliable and Secure Integration

This isn't a translator that's going to crash or show up late for the job. This is the integration translation tool that's built to make sure your applications are working together without interruptions.

Customized for Your Business

Your business isn't like the rest. Using an integration translation tool is the best way to make sure all your systems are tied flawlessly to your core ERP system.

Process You Choose

With our integration translation tools, you can have two software systems you want, without choosing one or the other.

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Don't Just Take Our Word For It

“Michael Marinaro is extremely knowledgeable in Microsoft Dynamics GP, always up to date with the most recent technology releases, and an absolute pleasure to work with. His familiarity of our existing processes and use of the system allows him to help us better manage and develop Microsoft Dynamics GP. He understands all aspects of the product and his knowledge as a CPA makes him an even stronger advisor.”

Jamie Beckinger, Accounting System Administrator
Maxim Healthcare Services

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Features Of Dynamics GP Integration Manager, eConnect And Web Services

The tools you need to translate between websites, industry-specific software components and your ERP system.

Eliminate Data Entry Redundancy
Entering the same data into multiple systems is one of the biggest inefficiencies a business can have. It causes frustration among employees and increases the chance of human error. With Dynamics GP Integration Manager, you enter data into one place and it will be carried through automatically to all relevant systems. Say goodbye to double data entry for good!
Processes You Don't Have to Compromise On
You know that moment when you have to decide between strawberry ice cream or pistachio? With our integration translation tools, you can have the two software applications you want and need to run your business, without choosing one or the other. It's like having strawberry ice cream AND pistachio ice cream.
Reliable and Secure Integration
We get it. It sounds like a data integrity risk to have your data jump from one software application to another. Our integration translation tools are accurate. In fact, they respect all the underlying rules of data entry just as if a human were keying in the data manually.
Customized for Your Unique Business
We will work with you to define the unique integration points necessary for your organization, and have you more efficient in no time.