Microsoft Exchange Online

Do you check your email more often than you eat or sleep? Then it's about time you treated yourself to a top-notch, super-secure, cloud-based email system.

Why We Choose Microsoft Exchange Online

Microsoft Exchange Online helps you manage your email, calendar, contacts and voicemail from any device. It's the silent superhero keeping you connected to the rest of the world.

Minimal IT Costs

Using Exchange Online takes the worry out of ensuring your email server is up to date with patches. Microsoft takes care of it for you!


Anytime, Anywhere Email Access

Do you check your email throughout the day, from different devices and locations? We get it...we do the same thing, about a million times a day, to be exact. Microsoft Exchange Online allows you to prioritize your email so it's accessible anytime, anywhere, with a 99.9% guaranteed uptime.

Worry-Free Security

Microsoft takes security seriously. Exchange Online protects your information and mailboxes from data loss, viruses and other vulnerabilities.

Clients Using Microsoft Exchange Online

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Don't Just Take Our Word For It

“Bill Walter keeps us up and running by maintaining our network and computer systems. As a result, we have little, if any, downtime. Bill is easily accessible. Obviously, you don’t want to give just anyone access to your business’s sensitive data. But we trust Bill with our data and are glad to have him helping us.”

Scott Matties, AIA, LEED-AP, Former Principal
Cunningham | Quill Architects

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Microsoft Exchange Online Features

Everyone in your business relies on email, calendar, voicemail and contacts. Microsoft Exchange Online makes these features 99.9% reliable and secure.

Anywhere Email Access

You check your email so many times a day, it's important to invest in something that's accessible and secure. With a guaranteed 99.9% uptime and a financially-backed Service Level Agreement (SLA), you virtually never have to worry about losing access to email. Exchange Online provides anytime access, allowing your employees to respond fast and experience less downtime when away from the office.

Minimal IT Costs
Exchange Online is quick to deploy and easy to administer with online management tools. Affordable monthly or annual subscriptions eliminate the expense of server infrastructure and the cost to maintain it. Using Exchange Online allows you to run the latest technology, with the latest security patches and updates automatically installed – all at a predictable cost. We'll take predictable maintenance costs over disaster recovery costs any day of the week.
Worry-Free Security
Whenever data is in the cloud, security is always a concern. Microsoft adheres to strict security standards. Online services are independently verified and meet security standards required by Information Security Management Systems. Exchange Online's security measures are probably more strict than that nightmare-ish teacher, Ms. Flaunbaum, you had in grade school who still haunts you. Sorry to bring that up, but we needed to make a point.