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Because nothing is more important than protecting your family from identity thieves and cyber criminals.

Are You Secure@Home?

Your home is your sanctuary, but what happens when an intruder changes that? A cyber criminal is just as dangerous as a home intruder. They will secretly watch you and your family through your connected devices to steal your identities or hack into your private accounts. Our Secure@Home service is the alarm system and bodyguard your home devices need to keep cyber intruders at bay.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

I didn’t realize my business had network vulnerabilities until a major security breach. Bill Walter was at my office 30 minutes after I told him about the breach, found the problem and eliminated our vulnerabilities. Thanks to Bill and proactive network monitoring my technology system is now secure. The thing I like best about working with Bill is his responsiveness, knowledge and the fact that he helps me clearly understand what he’s doing to improve my company’s use of technology.

Ken Kacmarski, Owner
Eagle Oil Company

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Are You Secure@Home?

Are your home devices prepared to fight off a cyber intrusion? In this five-minute quiz, you'll find out if you're a cyber security master, or if your home is vulnerable to a hack. Start by clicking the button below.

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Benefits of Secure@Home Services

We're serious about fighting these cyber security threats so your home is protected from a cyber intrusion.


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