Cyber Security for Healthcare Organizations

With the right tools, you can prevent a cyberattack before it even happens.

How to Take Your HIPAA Security to the Next Level

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn how to protect your organization's sensitive data.



Healthcare organizations are prime targets for hackers. A cyberattack could cripple your organization and cause significant reputation damage.

When you work with our cyber security team, you'll get access to tools that help you prevent a cyberattack, and experts who will help your organization stay cyber secure and in compliance with HIPAA rules.

Schedule Your Free Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Pinpoint where a cyber threat could penetrate your system.

How Can You Protect Your Organization?

Assess Your Risk

Find out how vulnerable your organization is with a cyber security risk assessment. We'll detect the gaps in your cyber security plan and offer solutions to fix it.

Get Compliant

Staying in sync with massive compliance requirements like HIPAA can keep you busy. 

With the right tools, you'll rest easy knowing you’re in compliance with your industry standards.


Get Cyber Smart

Our experts have free resources that you can use to learn about today's cyber security threats. 

With our help, you'll always be in-the-know about the latest cyber security best practices.


Find Software that Works

Comprehensive monitoring software that will cover everyone in your organization, no matter where they are, can be cumbersome to set up on your own.

Our experts will help you find the right software for your healthcare organization, and get it working.


Cyber Security Insurance

With our help, you can obtain a certificate to qualify for cyber security insurance.
While we don't offer cyber security insurance, we can point you in the direction of a reputable provider. Read more about cyber insurance here.

Meet Some Of Our Clients

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What Clients Say About Our Team

“The validation we received from the security audit was certainly comforting. From the beginning of the process to the end, Jeremy Weisinger and Bill Walter were thoughtful and informative without being pushy.”

Todd Eaton, Partner
David Kaplan, CPA, PC

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