Anchor Mechanical LLC

Switching from QuickBooks to a construction and project management system helped this HVAC and mechanical contractor integrate accounting, job site costs and project management into one system.

“We love our new construction and project management system. Because construction project margins are so tight, we like to track where every cent on the job site goes, and our system allows us to do that. It makes project management REALLY easy for us.”

Mark Huntley, Principal
Anchor Mechanical LLC

About Anchor Mechanical


Anchor Mechanical LLC is a Maryland-based HVAC, mechanical and plumbing contractor.


The Challenge

QuickBooks was not meeting the needs of Anchor Mechanical because it doesn’t natively have project management components such as document control (submittals, transmittals, RFIs), dispatching and required work-in-progress reporting based on projected costs for bonding. Anchor wanted to move from QuickBooks to a robust construction accounting and project management software system. 

An added challenge was that they wanted to make the change mid-year, which is more difficult to accomplish than at the beginning of the year due to payroll and work-in-progress reporting.


How We Helped

One of Anchor Mechanical’s principals contacted Chris Haiss of Gross Mendelsohn’s Technology Solutions Group for help transitioning Anchor from QuickBooks to a new construction accounting and project management system mid-year. Chris installed the new system, configured it to Anchor’s specific needs, helped reconcile all beginning balances and provided staff training and support.

The Result

Anchor Mechanical’s accounting, job site costs and project management are now neatly tied together in one system. Chris remains Anchor’s point person for any support issues or questions that arise. Gross Mendelsohn’s Construction & Real Estate Group has also helped by providing reviewed financial statements and work-in-progress reporting required for bonding.

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