Chesapeake Center, Inc.

Customizing this nonprofit's Microsoft Dynamics GP system made life easier for their staff.

“With Gross Mendelsohn’s Technology Solutions Group looking out for me, I know I’m being taken care of. They keep my organization’s technology current and our data safe. Any time I’ve needed software training or networking advice, I’ve been able to rely on Sharon Paul, Bill Walter and Josh Beitler."

Edward "Kirk" Phillips, Accounting Manager
Chesapeake Center, Inc.

About Chesapeake Center, Inc.


Chesapeake Center, Inc. is a nonprofit agency dedicated to helping adults with disabilities through vocational training and residential programs.


Chesapeake Center, Inc. empowers adults with disabilities to be independent and involved in their community.


Their 120-member staff manages a multi-building campus and assists more than 100 adults daily.

The Challenge

Technology, including computer software, networking trends and cyber security solutions, is always changing. Keeping up to date in this dynamic field takes a lot of time and skills that most nonprofits just can’t spare. For Chesapeake Center, Inc., their focus is on providing adults with disabilities quality resources to be independent members of the community. 
So when their existing technology provider suddenly closed its doors, Chesapeake Center’s accounting manager, Edward “Kirk” Phillips, knew he needed to find a more reliable provider that he could trust to keep his nonprofit’s technology up to date and functioning well for his team.

How We Helped

Sharon Paul and Bill Walter worked with Kirk initially to upgrade to the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics GP. After a smooth upgrade, Kirk worked with the Gross Mendelsohn team to make his ERP system even more powerful with custom integrations to benefit his staff. One such project was integrating GP with a telephone and biometric timekeeping system to obtain accurate staff timekeeping.

When their internet provider suffered a major setback and became unreliable, Chesapeake Center was again faced with a major change. Based on his past experience with Gross Mendelsohn, Kirk connected with Bill Walter and Josh Beitler of our networking team for advice on migrating to Microsoft Office 365.


The Result

The upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics GP allowed Kirk to make some major changes to his ERP system, which made daily processes easier for his staff. “Everyone we have worked with has shown great technical and trouble-shooting skills, and has offered solutions that make sense and get the job done without getting us in over our heads," Kirk explained. "They have been very patient, informative and understanding when helping us determine the best options.”

After getting solid advice and quick, helpful Dynamics GP support for years, Kirk has no doubt that he can ask Gross Mendelsohn for network support. Recent projects include expanding network access to the entire campus, and providing secure wireless networking in several locations. Gross Mendelsohn was instrumental in providing equipment and integration with other vendors on these projects. “We tend not to spend money on IT unless we have a plan and reason for doing so. Gross Mendelsohn has always offered well thought out recommendations that we’re comfortable with. We’ve even taken advantage of remote monitoring and that has been a big help. It has been a great long term partnership.”

Kirk says, “We found Gross Mendelsohn years ago by accident, and we’ve had no regrets.”


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