Dynamic Design Enterprises, Inc.

Technology helped improve this clothing manufacturer’s communication with customers.

“Gross Mendelsohn has taken a keen interest in our business and has provided us with strategic business advice as we continue to refine and evolve our business model. They consistently go above and beyond to meet the present and future needs of my business.”

Hilton Gluck, President
Dynamic Design Enterprises

About Dynamic Design Enterprises


Dynamic Design Enterprises designs, merchandises and manufactures lifestyle and performance sportswear such as Pebble Beach apparel and Bolle Sportswear for the golf and tennis industries.

The Challenge

Dynamic Design Enterprises needed a new accounting system and a better way to communicate electronically with customers. The company’s management team also needed someone to support their network.

How We Helped

Sharon Paul of Gross Mendelsohn’s Technology Solutions Group worked with Dynamic Design Enterprises’ management team to identify the right ERP system for the company. They decided on Sage 300 with an add-on for apparel organizations, which allows Dynamic Design to quickly setup items and streamline the order and purchase orders entry using a grid entry system, all based on item attributes such as style, season and color.

In addition to installing and customizing Sage 300, Sharon and her team set up an electronic data interchange (EDI) system to allow Dynamic Design to communicate with their customers electronically. The EDI system allows Dynamics Design to electronically receive purchase orders from their customers and automatically turn those purchase orders into sales orders in Sage 300. In addition, Dynamic Design generates advance ship notifications (ASNs) using this system to notify the customer of the delivery date and contents of the shipment. Lastly, it allows Dynamic Design to invoice their customer electronically.

In addition, Bill Walter and his team of networking specialists provide Dynamic Design Enterprises with network support under a managed services contract. This gives Dynamic Design a worry-free way to keep their internal systems running smoothly at a budgeted monthly rate.


The Result

The EDI system allows Dynamic Design Enterprises to conduct business electronically with major customers. The ASNs let customers know about pending shipments. The ASN system gives Dynamic Design Enterprises’ customers advance information, such as number of boxes and carton sizes, which helps customers with logistics. Ongoing network support keeps all Dynamics Design Enterprises’ technology systems running smoothly.

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