Eagle Oil Company, Inc.

Once the victim of a major security breach, this distributor’s computer system is now safe, healthy and performing at its peak thanks to remote monitoring.

“I didn’t realize my business had network vulnerabilities until a major security breach. Bill Walter was at my office 30 minutes after I told him about the breach, found the problem and eliminated our vulnerabilities. Thanks to Bill and proactive network monitoring, my technology system is now secure. The thing I like best about working with Bill is his responsiveness, knowledge and the fact that he helps me clearly understand what he’s doing to improve my company’s use of technology.”

Ken Kacmarski, Owner
Eagle Oil Company

About Eagle Oil Company


Eagle Oil is a home heating oil distributor.

The Challenge

Eagle Oil Company’s owner came into the office on an otherwise normal Monday morning and noticed something suspicious on one of his computers. He called Bill Walter of Gross Mendelsohn’s Technology Solutions Group for help.

How We Helped

Bill discovered a security breach in Eagle Oil Company’s firewall. An intruder had been using the company’s system to access the internet. Bill eliminated the intruder’s point of access and installed a proactive monitoring solution, which remotely monitors an organization’s network 24 x 7 x 365 and alerts Gross Mendelsohn’s network specialists of issues before they become problems. 

The Result

Eagle Oil Company’s proactive monitoring system automatically alerts Gross Mendelsohn of potential problems or failures, including attempted access to the company’s network by unapproved users. As a result, the company’s owner has peace of mind that his computer system is safe, healthy and performing at its peak. And the best part? The monitoring is done remotely. With quick access to Eagle Oil Company’s network, our team is able to handle most issues remotely, eliminating unnecessary onsite visits and thereby reducing costs.

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