Foundation Test Group

With the right construction software and network infrastructure, this engineering firm is doing business more efficiently than ever before.

“Thanks to Chris Haiss, we are better project managers. She has given us the tools to manage our business in a more refined way. We are a better company because of Gross Mendelsohn’s guidance and support."

Diana Goodwin, Owner/President
Foundation Test Group

About Foundation Test Group


Foundation Test Group is a full service geotechnical engineering firm based in Maryland.


Foundation Test Group is a mid-sized engineering business.


Foundation Test Group strives to provide innovative solutions for everyday challenges.


The Challenge

Foundation Test Group is committed to expert-level quality in their business. When it comes to finding a technology provider they can work with, they expect that same level of quality to get delivered.

The company faced two challenges. First, Diana Goodwin, owner of Foundation Test Group, set out to improve her company’s responsiveness to clients and project management with new construction software. 

Second, Diana knew that her organization would require more sophisticated networking solutions to keep up with their rapidly growing business. While Diana already worked with an IT provider she was happy with, she sought the help of Gross Mendelsohn’s Technology Solutions Group to upgrade her network.


How We Helped

After thoroughly getting to know the Foundation Test Group, Chris Haiss of Gross Mendelsohn’s Technology Solutions Group ultimately recommended, installed and trained the company to use a new construction accounting and project management software system, including remote time entry. 

Later on, Foundation Test Group began to outgrow their existing technology infrastructure, Bill Walter and Chris Haiss did a quick Network Detective scan and explained how Foundation Test Group’s existing business processes could be made much easier with a few infrastructure changes. This included a new file management system, security software, networking infrastructure updates and more. By signing on for managed services, Foundation Test Group gets all of their network maintenance needs taken care of by Gross Mendelsohn’s IT support team.

“Chris Haiss is technically competent, resourceful, detail oriented and personable. With Chris on your team, confidence is high, which leads to enhanced performance. She is amazing and truly unrivaled in her dedication to corporate values and her clients’ success. She witnessed our frustration with our technology infrastructure. We had a broken network and the confidence in our existing setup was low,” Diana explained. 

Completing the infrastructure changes without interruption to Foundation Test Group’s daily business operations was critical. Bill Walter, Jeremy Weisinger, Josh Beitler and Michael Kropkowski of Gross Mendelsohn’s Technology Solutions Group worked quickly to update the company’s network infrastructure, install new software and add document management applications. Once everything was in place, they worked with the team at Foundation Test Group to ensure that everyone could comfortably use the new technology. 

According to Diana, “The team at Gross Mendelsohn has been incredibly participatory along the way. Everyone works in collaboration with each other to build and deliver quality infrastructure that promotes good business.”


The Result

Project management dramatically improved at Foundation Test Group since implementing their new construction accounting and project management system. The company is now better able to respond to both accounts payable and receivable, leading to increased growth. The new software system has helped the company customize client support with respect to both accounts payable and receivable, while providing increased accountability, timely response and effective project tracking.

The changes to Foundation Test Group’s technology infrastructure, along with new cyber security and document management solutions, allows them to work more efficiently in a secure environment. 

“Gross Mendelsohn has been incredible to work with. They’ve helped us expand our services through technology, lead from the front of our industry and confidently apply a strategic approach, which helped us grow. The confidence we have in the Gross Mendelsohn team is really unparalleled!”


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