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When this fast-growing company realized they were using the wrong accounting software, they found Microsoft Dynamics GP to be the answer to several problems.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Microsoft Dynamics GP is a good accounting software program, but GP is an even better system because of the people at Gross Mendelsohn.

Anthony Dilenno, President
HAVI Recycling & Waste


About HAVI



HAVI Recycling & Waste helps customers generate revenue from recyclable products while saving money in waste disposal and haulage.




The Challenge

When HAVI’s recycling and waste business experienced exponential growth, they needed a new ERP system to keep up. Specifically, they needed an efficient way to better manage their accounts and projects. Additionally, they wanted to eliminate the need to key data into multiple systems.

How We Helped

HAVI called on Gross Mendelsohn’s Technology Group to help them select the right accounting software that could, among other things, handle the parent/child relationships of their waste and recycling accounts. After our ERP experts helped HAVI’s management team get a better understanding of what a robust system could do for them, they selected Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Sharon Paul and her team learned all about HAVI and their processes and what they needed to get out of their new ERP system. Then they installed GP and handled the onboarding and training for HAVI’s staff. Sharon and Jennifer continue to provide HAVI with ongoing support.

The Results

With Microsoft Dynamics GP in place, HAVI’s big national retail accounts can be housed under one parent account with multiple locations, which helps administrators easily manage invoicing and account activity. And, HAVI’s employees no longer needed to key data into multiple systems, saving them time and hassle.

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