Penn Parking

By working with our creative software consultants and sharp networking team, this company now only calls one number to get issues resolved, ask questions or change their technology setup.

“When we decided a few years ago to change accounting software vendors due to poor service, we found Gross Mendelsohn’s Technology Solutions Group. Since we changed, it’s been a complete 180 in terms of service and support. Not only do we get a response from Sharon Paul the same day we ask a question, but it’s usually within the hour."

Victoria Grove, Vice President, Administration
Penn Parking

About Penn Parking


Penn Parking is a Maryland-based, woman owned parking management company.


Penn Parking manages more than 45 parking facilities in Maryland, Washington, DC and Virginia.


Penn Parking provides high quality parking services to universities, municipalities, government entities, property owners, property managers and public parkers at a fair and honest price.


The Challenge

Penn Parking was dissatisfied with their accounting software vendor, who didn’t respond quickly to questions and software maintenance needs. In their search for a new service provider, Penn Parking found Gross Mendelsohn’s Technology Solutions Group.
Years later, Penn Parking was abandoned by their IT company, forcing them to reevaluate their networking and infrastructure. They were determined to find a provider with a solid reputation. Thanks to Penn Parking’s previous experience working with our team, they decided to call on Gross Mendelsohn’s Technology Solutions Group to handle their ongoing IT needs.

How We Helped

Sharon Paul of our Technology Solutions Group met with Victoria Grove of Penn Parking to learn about the company, their business processes and how they used their accounting software system. Sharon recommended that Penn Parking switch to Sage 300 because of the company’s high volume of invoices. As a bonus, Sage 300 was less expensive than Penn Parking’s existing accounting software system.

Sharon installed Sage 300 and trained Penn Parking’s staff how to use the system. Sharon customized the system to include features such as credit card processing and recurring billing automation for their monthly parkers. We continue to provide ongoing Sage 300 support to Penn Parking.

Penn Parking later worked with Bill Walter, Michael Kropkowski and Joshua Beitler of our networking team to boost the company’s cyber security infrastructure and methods. After using the network detective to survey Penn Parking’s existing infrastructure and networking applications, our team recommended upgrades to existing equipment, a new firewall system and a managed services contract.


The Result

Penn Parking’s Sage 300 accounting system is a much better fit for the company than their prior software. Not only is it better equipped to handle the company’s high volume of monthly invoices, but it is less expensive than their old system. Thanks to some customizations, the company is now able to easily handle credit card processing. Perhaps most importantly, Penn Parking receives much quicker responses to questions—usually within an hour—than what their prior accounting software vendor used to provide.

The new equipment and security software we installed helps protect Penn Parking’s sensitive company and customer information from hackers. The company’s new firewall provides secure remote access and reduces the amount of known security risks across the network. Updated equipment help day-to-day computer processes run smoothly and withstand an attempted hack.

Thanks to their new managed services contract, Penn Parking now enjoys having monthly security software maintenance, cyber disaster prevention services, proactive monitoring and more handled by our networking team. By removing basic, time-consuming tasks from their plate, they can focus on what’s really important: providing top-notch parking services to drivers.


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