Thomas D. Morris Inc.

Network improvements and moving from QuickBooks at the office to Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) helped this company access important information to carry out operations faster than ever before.

“Bill Walter and Mike Kropkowski solved a lot of structural problems here physically, streamlined things and communication was great.

They're always super responsive and I haven't had a problem they haven't been able to solve yet.”

Chris Coutu, Chief Operations Officer
Thomas D. Morris

About Thomas D. Morris Inc.


Located in Reisterstown, Maryland, Thomas D. Morris provides biotechnology services to researchers including contract research, biomedical training and research-quality large animals.


The Challenge

Although Thomas D. Morris Inc. (TDMI) is in Maryland, a key member of their team is located offsite in another state. This team member and other staff need offsite access to files and applications. That meant relying on an outdated, physical server with weak internet bandwidth, security and data continuity concerns. But that wasn’t their only hang up—the location of the server was in an area prone to frequent power interruptions, which threw a wrench in overall productivity.

TDMI was relying on a local installation of QuickBooks for their billing, so when the system was down, bills could not go out. They finally reached a point where they were no longer able to work in with the interruptions and needed a new way. 

They also did not have a way of easily sharing files and were saving most documents to their personal computer hard drives should the server connection inevitably be impacted.

TDMI was in the midst of migrating from another IT provider and knew they needed better service. After being referred to the Technology Solutions Group, Chris Coutu, chief operations officer at TDMI, contacted Gross Mendelsohn for help. 


How We Helped

When Gross Mendelsohn took over TDMI’s IT support, things were not in optimal condition. Bill Walter and Michael Kropkowski quickly addressed the critical issues but took time to create an infrastructure that fit TDMI’s specific needs. They migrated TDMI’s server to a cloud-based service, leveraged sharing capabilities and installed a firewall to increase security and keep them from depending on an unreliable system for everyday processes.

Bill and Michael moved TDMI from QuickBooks on-premises to Microsoft Azure VDI so that they can quickly and easily access their full desktop applications at any time day or night—no more worrying about downtime from power outages or bad internet connections. VDI is IT infrastructure that allows access to your own enterprise computer system from almost any device and eliminates the need for a physical server (Microsoft, 2023).

These changes made document sharing much easier and more secure for TDMI and improved overall speed, accessibility and consistency across the company.


The Result

TDMI now has a better system where all team members can access the information and files they need in a way that’s more efficient and secure than before. “The new system has been a game changer for us. Speed is exponentially faster because we’re not dealing with local issues,” said Chris Coutu.

Over the summer of 2022, storms inhibited access to TDMI’s main facility. “It was four or five days without power and almost 10 days before internet function was restored. During that time, I wasn’t onsite, but I still had access to everything and could get bills out.” Without network improvements, TDMI’s operations would have been severely affected by the storms. That risk has been eliminated now that they can accomplish what needs to get done from anywhere with a secure internet connection.

Bill and Michael thoughtfully created a path forward that today provides TDMI with the flexibility, connectivity and power to operate from anywhere.


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