Wilkins Rogers Mills

This 100+ year old flour and corn milling company has worked with our networking team, ERP consultants and accounting staff since 2008. Years later, their COO has no regrets.

“We use Bill Walter as our de facto CTO. Most recently, Bill and his team led us through the migration of our technology infrastructure to the Microsoft Azure platform, which gave us better performance and improved services at a lower cost.

As always, the project was completed within our time and budget constraints and all of our objectives were accomplished.”

Jim Koehnlein, Chief Operating Officer
Wilkins Rogers Mills

About Wilkins Rogers Mills


Wilkins Rogers Mills is a 100+ year old flour and corn milling company serving commercial bakeries, food service distributors and retail grocers on the East Coast.


Wilkins Rogers Mills pledges to supply its customers with high quality, consistent-performing flours and corn meals.


This mid-sized business operates three mills in PA and MD. Wilkins Rogers Mills has both regional and international customers.

The Challenge

Wilkins Rogers Mills (WRM) was already relying on our Technology Solutions Group for network support and maintenance when they called on us for a different kind of help.

When the company was ready to migrate to a new ERP system, they called on us to guide the process and help them make a good selection. Although the company had a small internal IT staff, they wanted to work with a firm that had a broad understanding of how new ERP systems should be evaluated and implemented.

WRM has always been able to retain talented IT people, but when their business started to quickly expand, keeping up on IT became a challenge. They needed to find a trusted networking group that could handle their specialized needs and collaborate well with their existing IT staff. That’s when Jim Koehnlein, COO, reached out to Bill Walter and his team of networking experts.


How We Helped

Sharon Paul and Chris Haiss of Gross Mendelsohn’s Technology Solutions Group listened carefully to Wilkins Rogers Mills’ management team and staff to learn as much as possible about the company’s business processes and operations.

This led Sharon and Chris to a have a solid understanding of what the company needed to get out of its ERP system. Sharon and Chris then researched various systems and made a recommendation to Wilkins Rogers Mills’ management team.

When WRM needed additional IT work completed, Bill Walter and his team recommended Virtual CIO to Jim Koehnlein. Our Virtual CIO services include everything from infrastructure planning and strategy to implementation and ongoing maintenance. Utilizing this solution in conjunction with WRM’s existing IT staff allowed Jim to protect his business from emerging cyber threats and prepare it for tremendous growth in the near future.


The Result

Sharon and Chris lent a great deal of structure — and an outside perspective — to the ERP system research and selection process. They helped Wilkins Rogers Mills evaluate several systems. The company ultimately chose an industry-specific software package to meet their needs.

As a part of the Virtual CIO package, Wilkins Rogers Mills was able to have expert networking engineers validate their existing IT structures, take care of maintenance procedures and offer recommendations for improvement. Working with our team has given Wilkins Rogers Mills consistent IT support as well as access to experts who can manage the growing networking needs of his business.

Jim Koehnlein knew that he was in good hands after working with Bill Walter, Jeremy Weisinger and Josh Beitler. Choosing Virtual CIO allowed Wilkins Rogers Mills to consolidate its outsourced IT vendors while keeping their internal IT team intact. 

After years of working with Gross Mendelsohn, Jim Koehnlein is still impressed. “Whether it’s accounting or technology, the quality of the work is superb. You have high caliber individuals who are easy to work with. They take the time to learn about our business and listen to our needs. It has been a fantastic working relationship.”


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