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Brian Wortman

Account Executive


Connect with Brian:

Though Brian Wortman spends his time crafting furniture in his woodworking shop, he’s no slouch when it comes to keeping up with the latest hi-tech solutions.

Brian has spent years listening to organizations’ needs and providing them with the right IT solution. He has helped clients in the manufacturing and healthcare industries, as well as many others.

As an Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA) member, Brian is passionate about technology. In his eyes, data security is a top priority. He is eager to help organizations use easy, yet essential, methods to protect their information.

Brian is often the first person to meet our clients, but he never loses touch. His favorite moments are when he hears a client talking about how much easier day-to-day business is after finding the right software or improving their network setup.


Bachelor of science degree in economics, University of Maryland, College Park

Just for Fun

  • Preserving the right moment is Brian’s specialty. He loves taking nature photography during his many outdoor adventures.
  • In his free time, Brian enjoys getting some fresh air by hiking, kayaking, and camping.
  • Brian likes to stretch his creativity in his woodworking shop. His latest pieces include end tables, a dining room table, and even kitchen countertops.
  • From Angelfish to Plecostomus, Brian enjoys having fish tanks filled with unique sea creatures. He has a 20 gallon tank and even a 65 gallon one at home.