Maxim Healthcare Services

Custom integrations supercharge this healthcare provider’s Microsoft Dynamics GP system and allow for faster, easier reporting.

“Michael Marinaro is extremely knowledgeable in Microsoft Dynamics GP, always up-to-date with the most recent technology releases and an absolute pleasure to work with. His familiarity of our existing processes and use of the system allows him to help us better manage and develop Microsoft Dynamics GP. He understands all aspects of the product and his knowledge as a CPA makes him an even stronger advisor."

Jamie Hennessey, Accounting System Administrator
Maxim Healthcare Services

About Maxim Healthcare Services


Maxim Healthcare Services provides medical staffing, home healthcare and wellness services across the U.S.


To provide reliable, safe and patient-centered care through innovation and efficient care delivery models.


The Challenge

Maxim Healthcare Services needed help with some high-level Microsoft Dynamics GP integrations that would result in better reporting, more centralized data management and greater productivity for staff.

How We Helped

Michael Marinaro of our Technology Solutions Group handled the integrations that Maxim Healthcare Services needed.

Michael setup eConnect, a tool that allows external applications to integrate with Dynamics GP. eConnect allows data from Maxim Healthcare’s front-end scheduling and billing system to be quickly imported into their ERP system, Microsoft Dynamics GP. The data import is automated and runs daily.

He also set up an integration between Dynamics GP and Maxim Healthcare’s primary accounts payable system, Ariba, for approval and payment of all AP invoices. Invoices are submitted to a PO box, scanned into the Ariba system, routed, coded and approved in Ariba.

Michael worked with Maxim Healthcare’s developers to write an import to bring invoices into Dynamics GP for posting to the general ledger (GL) and to generate payments. Most payments are electronic so they are sent back to Ariba for disbursement using another integration developed by the Gross Mendelsohn team.

Other invoices are paid via check or electronic funds transfer (EFT) from Dynamics GP. In addition to this import/export process, Michael worked with the Ariba team and Maxim Healthcare’s development team to create an integration between Ariba and Dynamics GP so vendor records and GL accounts are synchronized across both systems.

To get essential data housed in once placewhich ultimately enhances Maxim Healthcare’s reporting capabilitiesMichael used the Extender tool to allow their staff to capture information from their front-end system in Dynamics GP. Without Extender, they couldn’t easily capture this information in Dynamics GP.

Our Technology Solutions Group also provides ongoing Microsoft Dynamics GP support, working closely with Maxim Healthcare’s internal accounting, reporting and database teams. Our team also makes recommendations and implements changes for Maxim Healthcare as new GP tools become available.


The Result

The integrations we created made Maxim Healthcare’s use of Microsoft Dynamics GP much easier, more streamlined, less time-intensive and more powerful. 

The processes Maxim Healthcare runs through eConnect significantly decreased the upload time for large files, resulting in increased productivity for their staff.

Maxim Healthcare’s use of Extender makes Microsoft Dynamics GP the primary system of record for essential data and allows key reports to be run through Dynamics GP. This resulted in enhanced reporting capabilities for Maxim Healthcare and decreased the effort and time associated with running and analyzing data. 

Overall, the integrations enhanced Maxim Healthcare’s use of Microsoft Dynamics GP, maximizing their investment in the robust ERP system.


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