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A NetSuite implementation helped this international business consolidate all financials on a global basis.

“The three partners directing our implementation have been very responsive and easy to work with. This team worked through weekends with us and supported us through a very demanding period, making this conversion seem less daunting. They kept us calm. This was a very stressful period for us and Gross Mendelsohn made it achievable.

We cut a month from our schedule to go live early. And they helped us get there. We would still be in implementation had we not partnered with Gross Mendelsohn.”

R. Halladay Swanson, CPA, Corporate Controller
OnProcess Technology

About OnProcess Technology


OnProcess works in the service supply chain space with recovery experts focused on planning, delivery and recovery of millions of parts with major logistic partners.

The Challenge

As a six-country organization, OnProcess Technology faced consolidation issues with their QuickBooks system due to having financial statements on outside platforms. The team at OnProcess decided to turn to NetSuite as a single, cloud-based solution where they could consolidate all financials on a global basis.
In need of an implementation partner, R. Halladay Swanson, corporate controller of OnProcess, referred the RFP project leader, Christine Donovan, to our Technology Solutions Group’s team of partners. Halladay has known Sharon Paul for nearly 20 years and thought the team would be a good fit for the project. After meeting with the team and going through a rigorous RFP process, OnProcess selected NetSuite and Gross Mendelsohn as their implementation partner.

How We Helped

Michael Marinaro was the project manager and driver of the implementation process with Sharon Paul and Christina Haiss overseeing. The entire team was very responsive throughout the implementation journey, answering calls after business hours and during weekends.

“I think one of the biggest things was the responsiveness of the Technology Solutions Group. This was a key to our success,” according to Christine Donovan, senior director sales operations/sales controller at OnProcess. “That was key because we had a lot of moving parts and Michael was always available. And we didn’t have to wait.”

Thanks to our team’s expertise and constant stream of communication, OnProcess was able to launch the full implementation a month earlier than expected.

Michael also helped integrate standardized foreign exchange rates into NetSuite from an outside hedge company that OnProcess wanted to continue using as well as supporting third party integrations. Since OnProcess was relying on separate processes before, our team helped create an import process that eliminated duplicate data entry.


The Result

OnProcess Technology experienced major benefits after implementing NetSuite. OnProcess is now able to produce consolidated financial statements complete with intercompany eliminations, including a statement of cash flows. They also gained analytical reporting capabilities on a consolidated basis in U.S. dollars. Out of the six countries they operate in, the finance department in the U.S. is the lead. They can now see all the financial information for the other five subsidiaries thanks to NetSuite.

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